October 2016

-The void-
We need here to give an idea of ​​what is called the "empty" - state of reality that scare our so excited and hyperactive society - the same "empty" likened to nothingness, the absolute destruction, inertia , to death...
In truth, the "empty" is the essential constituent of reality. We know this thanks to quantum physics. Indeed, the material consists of "grains" called "carbon" themselves consist of particles (protons, neutrons, electrons) that are in turn made up of elementary particles (quark). But between each of these elements of matter, we find the "empty", if you prefer space in which other particles are involved in the interactions in the energetic radiation ... In short, this "empty "is not so devoid of life as you might think wrongly. The "empty" is a kind of "soup" of primordial energy containing all the ingredients of what exists in the Universe.
So by extension, the human is made of "space" necessary for its existence, the meaning of his life ... Why be afraid of his own nature? Thus, all material manifestations contained in the Universe proceed from the "empty" and are surrounded by "empty".
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